Course Information

The following information is for the use of students.

If you would like a Mac (Pages) version, please email me.

Each student should write 5 blog posts by the end of term.



1. Course Outline (Word version)

2. Course Outline (PDF)

3. How to Use WordPress Blog (PDF)

4. Reading: Emperor Akihito  (PDF)

5. Reading: Japan’s “Generational Roadblocks” (PDF)

6. British Chefs (PDF)

7. Reading:A Field Guide to Critical Thinking (Word)

8. Reading: Blood types (PDF)

Answers to Quizzes/Listening exercises

Child Welfare in Japan.  TASK 1: Child abuse cases must now be reported by law/The poor economy has a social impact upon children.         TASK 2: Gap fill. 1. brutal 2. exploding 3. quadrupled 4. neglect 5. vacancies 6. adoption 7. capacity 8. stagnant  9.  pressure 10. forgotten.


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