Poll: Gay marriage

May 8, 2011

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April 24, 2011

Two thought-provoking vids.

Poll: Getting Married

April 21, 2011

Marriage activity

April 21, 2011

In the tendency to marry late given as a social problem, the marriage activity is getting popular. An arranged marriage is a main way to meet someone with a view to marriage, but people usually do the marriage activity through web sites and companies now. There are several reasons that people in the marriage activity are increasing these days.

First, women advance into the society and work harder, so the opportunity to meet someone is decreasing. They look for the opportunity to meet someone. Second, some people cannot approach to a person of the opposite sex well. The internet becomes widely used among commons. Therefore, people who lack the social skill are increasing. Third, the standard against a marriage partner is getting higher. People came to think merit and demerit to marry. Therefore, people cannot marry if their merit is not found out from the others. Because of these reasons, people in the marriage activity are increasing.

However, the cost of the marriage activity is very high. Services which provide just matching or holding a party are cheap, but if you want to support your activity until you get married, it costs more than 200,000 yen.

What do you think about the marriage activity?

Do you think you will use the marriage activity service if you do the marriage activity?