Notion of Critical Thinking

According to this video, critical thinking is the skill to think and assess information in a more comprehensive way. Learning critical thinking also increases our ability to identify & reject false ideas/ ideology. When you improve this ability, memorizing a solution to a problem isn’t necessary. You can give yourself the tools to create your own effective solutions to a multitude of unfamiliar problems.
The video above is well-organized and easy to understand.
I hope you like it.


4 Responses to Notion of Critical Thinking

  1. sa0227 says:

    Thank you^^ It helps my understanding.

    • masatochan says:

      I’m glad to be of help.
      Critical thinking could be translated in Japanese as “hihan-teki-shikou,” but “hihan-teki” is sometimes mistook of a negative attitude like trying to find someone’s fault in Japanese. However, “hihan-teki,” in this meaning, is being skeptical to be more sensitized to unfamiliar problems. I mean it’s a positive attitude.

      Critical thinking isn’t much prevalent in Japan, unfortunately. I hope everyone get to know this idea correctly.

  2. DW says:

    As the video says, give a man a fish, and he’ll eat for a day. But if you teach him how to fish, he’ll eat forever.

    Critical Thinking is like that.

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