Man arrested: Terrorism Fear

Darren Nixon

Daren Nixon

Daren Nixon was arrested, simply for listening to music on his way home from work. A member of the public obviously had mistaken his MP3 player for a gun and reported to the police. After getting off the bus, and not knowing what was going on, he was told to put his hands up in the air with two cops pointing a “real” gun at him. No weapon was found on him, but the police went on and searched the surrounding area. After being proved innocent, he was released only with a quick apology, but with a big stain on his character.

This incident would have never happened if the person who reported to the police did not have such a big fear towards guns. The informer probably had always been aware of guns, or else, this misunderstanding would have never happened.  An overreaction to things can be a definite factor to misleading events.


3 Responses to Man arrested: Terrorism Fear

  1. DW says:

    Well, President Roosevelt said, “We have nothing to fear but fear itself!”

  2. masatochan says:

    Great material! Now I’m convinced that what we see easily create false memory and finally reproduces false reality. This is maybe what Errol Morris tries to tell in the film of “The Thin Blue Line.”

  3. DW says:

    Yes. We saw in class, with the ‘gorilla’ video, that eye-witness testimony cannot be trusted. The Thin Blue Line shows this even more convincingly.

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