Expert witnesses

    In 1985, Kirk Bloodsworth got a death penalty with a crime of raping and murdering nine-year-old child. The prosecution introduced evidence the consistency of the mark printed on the victim’s body and his shoes. He was put into prison

    In 1992, Bloodsworth’s innocence was proved by testing of biological material preserved from the crime with DNA technology known as PCR (Polymerase chain reaction). The State of Maryland paid Bloodsworth $300,000 for lost income for the years from his arrest to his release. He became the first death row prisoner to be exonerated by DNA.


2 Responses to Expert witnesses

  1. DW says:

    According to Wikipedia, he spent almost nine years in prison, two of them on death row.

    He got $300,000 compensation. That’s $33,000 per year in prison. Doesn’t seem much when you consider how much freedom he lost, as well as his reputation, relationships, his whole life in fact.

    And check this out for a coincidence: the REAL killer was put in prison for a different crime, and was in the SAME prison, one floor below Bloodsworth!

    Another important fact in this crime…FIVE eyewitnesses said they saw him with the victim!

    One thing research shows is that eyewitness evidence is VERY unreliable.

    Remember the gorilla video we watched in class? How many of you saw the gorilla? One or two out of nine!!

    Do you think there are any innocent ‘murderers’ in Japanese jails?

  2. masatochan says:

    YES YES YES!! Prosecutors in Japan almost deliberately controls what about black or white on the suspects. This is because current criminal investigation system doesn’t introduce thorough transparency. Check out “Iwao Hakamada”.

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