Interpreting Dreams





In 1980, a woman was murdered in her apartment. Steven Linscott was her neighbor and convicted of the murderer and sentenced to forty years in prison. He saw a dream about the incident and the detail in his dream was very similar to what really had happened. In the trial, the evidence was his hair which was “consistent” and “similar” to hairs from the crime scene. However, there isn’t enough empirical data on the various class characteristics in human hair. First he was convicted of the murderer but overturned it because the evidence was invalid. As a result, he had served three years in prison.


2 Responses to Interpreting Dreams

  1. DW says:

    Not only was there no real evidence connecting him to the crime, but it now seems this was an ordinary nightmare which he embellished with details from what he read in the newspapers.

  2. masatochan says:

    Now circumstances in the criminal profiling are much better than those used to be before the late 80’s or 90’s when DNA tests was first introduced to criminal profiling. I feel it keenly these days and maybe I’m lucky too!

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