Is astrology harmful?

A real 90 kyat bill

The President of Myanmar ruined the economy by reissuing the currency because he believed astrologers. Astrologers told him that his lucky number was 9 and he could live until 90 years old if he was surrounded by that number. Therefore, he changed the counting system from metric to the base-9 system and issued 45 and 90 kyat bills. As a result, the economy collapsed.

I think belief in astrology is the biggest problem. If someone  believes in astrology and makes a decision on advice from an astrologer, we have big trouble. Depending on the person, it is going to get decided if astrology is the harm.



2 Responses to Is astrology harmful?

  1. masatochan says:

    This is a serious example of what the astrology causes.
    I actually told this story to my mom, and she said “it is good though,” insisting on that believers are mentally saved from its advice. Such believers or small ones DON’T use critical thinking and never take the warnings by saying like “Oh, you are not honest.” (So are you!!!)
    Recently I came to think believers should be educated too.

  2. DW says:

    Well, believers should be ‘educated’,but you are always going to have those people who will always believe nonsense, no matter what they hear. (Like my mom, too!)

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