UK / Japan: Table Manners

【UK】”Ladies First”

In UK, the  “Ladies First” concept is always regarded as important. As for restaurants, men should let ladies go into the restaurant, and also let ladies sit, before men.

Here are some examples of etiquette at restaurants.

When you eat soup, you need to move your soup spoon from 6 o’clock to 12 o’clock, or from your side to the other side.

Also, when you finish eating your soup, tilt your bowl away from you.

When you finish eating, you are supposed to leave your spoon, knife or fork like the picture below.

【Japan】”Elders First”

Since Japan is a seniority-based society, it is very important to respect elder people when you eat. As the picture below shows, elders sit away from the door in order not to be bothered.

Just as there are rules using knives and forks in UK, so there are some rules when you use chop-sticks. Here are some examples of rude ways to use chop-sticks.

Namida-Bashi : food dripping from the tip of chop-sticks

Hashi-Watashi : Holding one food item with 2 pairs of chop-sticks, which action reminds us how we treat bones at a funeral.

There is even a polite way to split “Wari-Bashi” or disposable wooden chop-sticks.

Can you guess how you are supposed to split “Wari-Bashi”?


2 Responses to UK / Japan: Table Manners

  1. masatochan says:

    Good job man! I didn’t know that rule exists. One question still i have is how women actually feel about “Ladies First,” regarding women’s dignity
    Anyway, tell me what about “Wari-Bashibro”, please.

  2. Ly_wina says:

    i got this one.. 😀

    “When you split wari-bashi, don’t put wari-bashi vertically straight up and break the to the side way. This remains the food for dead people. Put Wari-Bashi horizontal and break them up and down. Also, don’t scrape them after you break them. It is BAD manner to do it.
    After finish eating, don’t bend them. Put them back into the paper case to hide only the top of chop-sticks.”

    I think that’s reasonable.. after watched this video :))

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