How to Make “A Full English”!

This is a great guide to making “A Full English.”

However, there are one or two things I do differently.

1.  Rest the bacon on kitchen paper  in order to reduce fat.

2. Cook the mushrooms in the bacon fat.  Don’t add butter and unnecessary fat!

3. Grill the tomatoes, don’t fry them!

4. Poach the eggs, don’t fry them…much healthier!

5. Fried bread is delicious,  but I don’t eat it…too fatty!

6. If possible, serve with hot strong English tea and the essential magic ingredient…HP Sauce!


3 Responses to How to Make “A Full English”!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Your idea is so healthy! It’s really good for our body.

    And I think it’s too much fat cooking in the video.

  2. masatochan says:

    One of the most interesting points i noticed is how BBC performs the program. They just focus on what’s happening on the pan. Gently melting butter, the sounds of grilling fresh bacon and the flavor of juicy sausages after being split… every single moment, I love it! I just feel like i were in the kitchen right there ready for breakfast. There’s no need to add visual effects or subtitles anymore like we do Japan. This is genuinely genuinely good program.

  3. DW says:

    You can almost smell the bacon, can’t you, Masato!?

    And you are right about the presentation. I do think that the BBC has better ‘production values.’

    And did you notice how English people always use the word “nice” for everything?

    “…onto a nice roasting tray…”

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