The Difference Between Premier League and J LEAGUE

Yesterday there was the final match of UEFA Champions League 2010-11. It was FC Barcelona VS Manchester United. The game ended up with 3-1 and FC Barcelona became the champion.

Manchester United belongs in Premier League (England), which is one of the most popular soccer league in the world. I think most of you have heard or know about Premier League. It is said that over 1 billion people watch premier league in the world. FA Premier League was established in 1992 and Premier League became a big sports business. They earn money from broadcast right, tickets, shop gifts, sponsors and player’s transfer fee. Especially broadcast right take over 40% of the revenue. The biggest difference about managing system between Premier League and J LEAGUE is that, in premier league each club has their own right to conclude a contract with sponsor and broadcast right. As a result, Premier League earned over 200 billion yen  just by the broadcast right in 2008-09. J LEAGUE could only earn 5 billion yen by broadcast right. It’s the total amount from 3 companies  for 5 years. In J LEAGUE, the company J LEAGUE has the broadcast right and right to decide the sponsors. So, each club gets the same revenue for broadcast right and from the sponsors. J LEAGUE took this system to prevent clubs from being finacial woes.

Do you think J LEAGUE will be successful like Premier League if they take that system?


One Response to The Difference Between Premier League and J LEAGUE

  1. DW says:

    I don’t think the J-League will rival the Premier league, since Japan is simply too far away from every where! And top international stars won’t want to play in Japan, because they want to play with the best. Even the best Japanese players don’t want to play in Japan, they go to Europe…where the money is!

    However, maybe Japan could become a center for the best Asian players?

    When I was visiting the UK last spring I watched a game between Scunthorpe and Leicester City. Leicester have a Japanese player called Yuki Abe. I recognised him from the Japanese team…I was really impressed with him…he’s a great player!,,10274~53193,00.html

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