Multicultural society in the future

GREEN FLOAT is a new conceptual model for an environmentally friendly city.The idea is an artificial island in the equatorial ocean with the aim of constructing self-sufficient carbon-negative city.

This could be a new style of living in the future.

As the man in the video says, GREEN FLOAT won’t belong to individual countries.

If people who live in  GREEN FLOAT come from all over the world, a multicultural society will be constructed.


・Do you want to live in GREEN FLOAT?

                                                        -Why? /Why not?

・What kind of problems could happen in the GREEN FLOAT?


2 Responses to Multicultural society in the future

  1. masatochan says:

    I’d love to stay there!
    This could be a hope of countries like Ethiopia, where people suffer from terrible famines by locational reasons.

  2. DW says:

    Sounds like a utopian, sci-fi concept!

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