Do you know ‘Kamogawa Odori’?

This is the one of the most famous annual events in Kyoto. It presents  traditional dance and drama by the Geisha and Maiko of Ponto-cho, Kyoto,  a district along a narrow street parallel with the Kamo River.  This event  flourished in Kyoto after the center of Japan moved to Tokyo (Edo).

The other day, I went to this event for the first time. Before the show, you can enjoy ‘Ocha seki’ that Ocha is made by Maiko and you can  drink it with a Manzyu. After having a Manzyu, you can take the dish home. The show used classic Japanese but the story was easy to understand. At the end of the show, Geisha and Maiko threw a Tenugui with their signature. I couldn’t get it, but I really enjoyed this event.

Tenugui and the dish

Have you been to Kamogawa Odori?



13 Responses to Do you know ‘Kamogawa Odori’?

  1. DW says:

    I missed it!

    I wish I could have gone!

    Ah well, maybe next year!

  2. sa0227 says:

    Yeah, I think next year is better.

    They say this year’s Kamogawa Odori is a bit low light because of the earthquake.

  3. maaakiii says:

    I never have been there.
    I want to see it!

    Is it near “Shijo”?

  4. sa0227 says:

    Well,actually it’s near “Sanjo”.

    It hold at “Pontocho-kaburenjo”.

  5. Takashi Wakasugi says:

    I never, but It’s very interesting.

    I have joined “Jidai Matsuri”. I walked from Gosho to Heian Zingu in the likeness of a merchant of Edo era.
    The parade is very long and you can enjoy several Japanese eras.
    Japanese Matsuri has the purpose or wish.
    In the old days, people hold matsuri wishing the peace, to be healthy or rich harvest.
    But some my friends say that thsy want to go Gion matsuri with girl. This is one of the modern wish of matsuri..Others say that they will say “I love you” to the girl in the Matsuri.

    The God can deal with many kinds problems!

  6. sa0227 says:

    Wow! It’s so cool! This weekend, “Aoimatsuri”will hold.

    Hahaha, that’s right. It’s kind of “Seishun”, isn’t it?

  7. Laura says:

    I saw the Kamogawa Odori last Friday… it was delightful. Everything about it was beautiful, and we got excellent seats close to the front of the stage and to the left, next to the musicians. Didn’t manage to catch a tenugui, but a very kind lady gave me hers after the show… is there any way to find out whose signature it is?

  8. Laura says:

    Sorry- I’ve just realised this is a class’ blog! Just came across it on Google, didn’t mean to gate-crash 🙂

  9. sa0227 says:

    No probrem!^^

    If you show me the signature, I could find out.

    If you like, paste here the photo!!♪

  10. Laura says:

    Thanks! That’s nice of you 🙂 I’ve uploaded a photo here:

    Hope you can see it ok!

  11. sa0227 says:

    Thank you for your photo!

    This is “Ichiho” ‘s tenugui.

    I’ll search who she is. Please just waiting!^^

  12. Laura says:

    Cool! Thanks for that, it’s really nice to know whose signature it is. Think I found a photo of her on this Flickr group…

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