What do you think about women’s body image?

These days anorexia among young women is a big issue in Japan. On the other hand, obesity is a big issue in the USA.

In 1981 the number of anorexic women in Japan was 12.6% , and in 2009 it was 22.3%!  Most were 20-29 years old. In Japan, they generally want to be like a model or TV actress.  I think they feel great pressure to be thin.

In 1980 the rate of larger women in the USA was 17%, and in 2009, it was 39%! In the USA, they aren’t ashamed of fatness.

I think it’s related to the way of thinking and the way of life.

How do you feel about this issue?


9 Responses to What do you think about women’s body image?

  1. masatochan says:

    For example, what kind of way of thinking?

    • sa0227 says:

      American women usually think fatness is no problem and they have the way of thinking that they separate TV actress to them.

      However,Japanese women usually can’t think that they separate TV actress.

      I think this is a kind of nationality.

  2. sa0227 says:

    I amazed wentern women and men have the same thinking.

    By the way, I think “the women issues” is better for our next topic^^

  3. mizu0125 says:

    I think that women in Japan are too obsessed with being thin like the models and actresses on TV. They are focusing more on outer beauty than inner beauty. It may be true that if a person is thin they have more choices of what to wear or that they may look “cuter” in a way, but they need to be aware that body shape is not the only factor that other people will judge them by. What is important is to keep an adaquate body shape that is fit for yourself and to have inner beauty.

  4. maaakiii says:

    I think one of the reaon is that many Japanese men like thin women ,while many American men like fat women.Japanese women want to be liked and thought they are pretty,so Japanese women try to be thin.On the other hand, American men like fat women better than thin women ,so American women don’t care eating and then they get fatting.

  5. sachiii7 says:

    I think Japanese women care too much about how they look. As Mizu says, we should care more about our inner beauty. However, these days the percentage of fat people seems to be very low in Japan. That makes us feel we should be thin as others. American woman do not care like Japanese woman do, is because they have confidence with them.

  6. sa0227 says:


    Japanese women might have confidence by being thin body.

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