Surrogacy is an arrangement in which a woman carries and delivers a child for another couple or person.

Aki Mukai is a Japanese talent who got a baby by using the surrogacy service. She used the service not because she didn’t want to suffer under the pain of  childbirth, but uterus cancer was found after she was pregnant.  Then she had to abandon her hope to have her own baby.

But she really wanted to have a baby with her husband, so she decided to use the surrogacy service.

She went to the US where host surrogacy is legally recognized. A woman in Nevada,  the USA,  gave birth for Aki Mukai and she finally got her baby.

After she came back to Japan, a problem came up against her, because surrogacy is strictly limited in Japanese law. The local government didn’t accept the baby as her own baby.

After this case happened, aki Mukai sued government.

What is your opinion about  surrogacy?


6 Responses to Surrogacy

  1. masatochan says:

    Aki Mukai finally lost the case in 2007, and her children couldn’t get the family registration (or “戸籍”) to allow them parents’ property. However, DNA test can certificate family relationship.
    I agree with surrogacy in keeping with the fact above.

  2. sa0227 says:

    I think we need surrogancy.

    There is a lot of women who can’t have a baby.

    Having a baby is the woman’s happiness, also the parents hapiness.

    If they want to have a baby, surrogancy is a good idea for them.

  3. bth8020 says:

    I don’t know. I can understand surrogancy helps women who cannot have a baby. But, I cannot allow a person who make money by using surrogancy. I am also anxious of controlling making a baby by human being.

  4. masatochan says:

    What do u think, Kaosu? I wanna hear ur opinion.

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