U.S. base on Okinawa


Japanese Prime Minister, Yukio Hatoyama decided to change the location of the American army base in Okinawa to the north side of the island where less people live in, although when he ran in the election, he insisted to try to eject the base from Okinawa or Japan. 

 Many people in Okinawa were angry at him because they had complained about the troubles of the base, and they believed that he would keep his word. 

In his opinion, it was important to connect with American army to protect Japanese people and it was difficult to find alternative places.  

Some local leaders said that delaying solving the problem was the worst choice, so they could appreciate his decision. 

However Nago’s new mayor, Susumu Inamine, after he talked to Yukio Hatoyama, called him “a betrayer”, and said that we don’t need the base.

What are good points and bad points to place U.S. base?  And what do you think about Yukio Hatoyama’s decision?


3 Responses to U.S. base on Okinawa

  1. mizu0125 says:

    It is very important to keep connection with the American army for protection as Hatoyama said, but also to
    keep a good relation with the American people. It is true that the bases are causing a lot of consequence in Okinawa, but I think this is something that they somehow need to deal with. Somewhere in Japan needs to be sacrificed, or the only other choice left is to cut relations with the American army.
    However on the other hand, I feel very sorry for the people in Okinawa. I think this issue is something that will be talked about from now on as well, but it will definitely be difficult in finding a solution that everyone will be satisfied with.

  2. bth8020 says:

    There is a pretty big city near Hutenma base. Therefore, it is called the most dangerous base in the world. I think it is the biggest problem which Okinawa has. However, it is important that Okinawa has the base by the aspect of the defense from Asian countries. In my opinion, the base should set up a base in Okinawa but should be moved from Hutenma.

  3. masatochan says:

    I think US base is unnecessary, cuz the US has been just taking advantage of Japan because of two reasons.

    First, what the US army really protect are Hawaii and west coast of the US. When North Korea launched a missile April 5 2009, US Aegis ship had been on Aomori port since March 23, which obviously is because Aomori locates in the very middle of two lines: Pyongyang to Los Angels and Pyongyang to Hawaii.

    North Korean rocket could reach Hawaii: US admiral

    US Aegis in Aomori Port

    Secondly, the US‐Japan Security Treaty doesn’t say US always protect Japan. According to the article 5, the US can decide whether to take actions by its own judge even if Japan should be endangered.

    Japan-U.S. Security Treaty

    That’s why US base is unnecessary. We are taken in!

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