The Slow Life in Japan

These days people often talk about “getting back to nature.”

In this report from America’s Frontline, we hear about those who leave the ‘Rat Race’ to enjoy a rural lifestyle in Japan’s farm country.

Could you imagine living a life like this?

If you are  interested  in living on a farm, why not check out WWOOF Japan?


7 Responses to The Slow Life in Japan

  1. sometimes I also feel tired to stay in big city and among the crowd. but I don’t have confident to live on a farm in whole my life.onec a while is better to stay at such like a country side to refresh the stress.

  2. bth8020 says:

    I love the slow life. I wanna live in the countryside only if I can earn much money and go to the city directly and quickly.

  3. mizu0125 says:

    Watching this video made me think about life in the rural areas, which I actually find very attracting. I don’t exactly like urban cities since it is so busy with many people. Although I am not exactly sure if Japan will actually have such thing as a “rural lifestyle” 50 years from now do to the advancement in technology, but I am planning of moving out of the cities after I retire.

  4. DW says:

    One advantage is that houses are very cheap in the Japanese countryside. You can buy a house for as little as 1,500,000 yen!

  5. maaakiii says:

    I want to live the slow life,because I don’t like crowded places and difficult machines.So I’d like to live in a countryside. If I have this slow life now,I can’t earn money and can’t live .So after I earn a lot of money, I’l buy a big house in a countryside and enjoy slow life.

  6. sa0227 says:

    I wanna enjoy the slow life in my futher! I love the ocean, the sun,,
    Go surfing, take a walk arong the beach, have a break at the beach with my friend or family(in HAWAII♡),,, It’ s my dream!

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